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Diabetic Diet Plans - What Type of Dietary Requirements Do People With Diabetes Have?

Diabetic Diet Plans – How They Got It All Wrong About Diabetes

Any diabetic can tell you that there are several hundred, widely available free diabetic diet plans.

Free does not always mean useless as long as you choose your free plan wisely. Free diabetic diet plans are available from a number of sources including major diabetic resources like the American Diabetic Association and people with diabetes just like you.

However, even diabetics who have happened upon a free plan must be wise consumers. Not everyone has pure motives when supplying a free plan.

Consider the story of the diabetic individual who was surfing the web looking for information regarding his recently diagnosed diabetes. A short time on the internet led to the realization that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of free diabetic diet plans readily available to anyone with a computer.

This individual happened upon a web site that offered a free diabetic diet plan that included “all natural herbal” supplements as an integral part of the plan. The diabetic diet plan was free but the all-natural herbal supplements were sold for profit. The supplements were actually cinnamon which has been under investigation recently as a way to lower blood glucose levels.

Anyone falling for this type of sales ploy is likely to spend a lot of his or her hard earned money on supplements that are unproven and unnecessary. Although, in this case, the only harm would be financial, this individual could very well have fallen for a scheme that may have had harmful long-term health effects.

Consider the story of the diabetic individual who was surfing the web looking for information regarding her recently diagnosed diabetes. This individual happened upon a site that offered a free diabetic diet plan and also offered dietary supplements designed to lessen the effects of foods on blood glucose levels.

This individual printed the free diabetic diet plan but did not purchase any of the supplements. This individual took the diet plan to her dietician and they analyzed it together. They found many useful aspects that they incorporated into a diabetic diet plan for the individual. A close look at the supplements offered by the website revealed them to be chromium which is also a substance currently under review for its helpfulness in reducing blood glucose levels.

However, chromium is readily available over the counter at just about any drugstore or health food store and need not be purchased on the internet. Additionally, adding chromium to a diabetic diet has not been deemed necessary at the present time.

A good diabetic diet plan is designed to provide you with the information you need to develop your own diabetic diet plan. Free or not, any good diabetic diet plan should incorporate foods from each of the food groups and may likely include aspects of the diabetic exchange plan.

A diabetic diet plan is not something designed to sell another product but is intended to provide diabetics with valuable insight into controlling his or her diabetes. Most diabetics are not interested in profiting from their disorder but instead seek to help other diabetics by sharing what they have learned about diabetes and the management of diabetes.

Diabetics are their own individual group of consumers. Many products are marketed specifically toward diabetics and their friends and families. Diabetics are inundated with so much information that it may be difficult initially to determine what is beneficial from what is merely hype.

Use all of your available resources, physician, registered dietician, library, diabetic associations, and help groups to assist you in determining the good from the bad, and you may some day be one of those who are providing a free plan to others.

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